Workout: Day to Night

I've been working out a lot lately.  And going from work clothes to gym clothes, I've had a hard time looking how I really want, come evening time.  

But last night, instead of going for the same old dressy look, I thought it would be fresh and interesting to dress up my gym clothes for a change...  

Exhibit A:
leather jacket: Ever / cropped tee: Original Gangster / leggings (control top): Zella / shoes: Nike Blazers (forget the style name) / earrings: Tory Burch 

So I learned just how well some fun accessories and a cropped leather jacket can really change up my work out gear!  

These Nike Blazers are hot.  I love blazers and dunks but these are one of my faves because they're purple with red bottoms - a laugh and a nod at Christian Louboutin :)
I had a few layers actually.  I wanted to "dress up" my black workout tank so I added a tan muscle tee.  I actually wore this tee recently here with a skirt.

 For workouts, I also wear an Asos jersey poncho a lot.  It's light and easy to wear post cardio.  The design of it happens to also be quite stylish for it's draping hood/collar so I thought it would dress up easily as well.  

Exhibit B:

 Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee... and look good doing it :)  This poncho is a Tiny Closet staple.  I adore it and I have two of them just so that I can always have one on hand.
 I am planning to copy the pattern of this poncho since it's so easy.  Boiled wool and boucle would translate wonderfully on this design and will be perfect for Fall and Winter.  

Check back to see for yourself :)

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  1. Love the look!! You make workout wear look very appealing and stylish without the unattractive looks (sometimes seen downtown and around town). Kudos!!