Funnest. Pants. Ever.

Funnest!  Lol - Between my denim button up dress and these new pink slacks, I've had no use lately for anything else in my Tiny Closet.  I have been practically living in these pants.  Dare I say they're cooler than harem pants?   ...nah.  But still, they're dope, yes?
pants: thrifted / tank top: Target / earrings: H&M / sandals: Dumond / sunglasses: Anne Klein (thrifted) 

I found these pants at Value Village for, let's see, $6.99 I think?  You might have already seen them here.  At the time, I was focusing on my hair and glasses and wished I'd had more time to get pictures of the rest of my outfit.  Well, voila!  I think I will have them in every frickin' color.

The sandals I'm wearing have become a wild card for my Tiny Closet.  Mixing them with pretty much anything brings a nice surprise to my outfits - the teal/mint color is so fresh!  And I get excited about mixing them with other colors, especially with these summery pants.

 I've been helping Theo renovate one of his properties (I photo-shopped the paint stains from my arms and ankles, lol!).  It's been pretty extensive and for now, I have zero time for anything else!  In return though, for my hands-on help, he's been taking me out to my favorite restaurants and joints for lunch.  The man knows me well.

Yesterday, we took a break from EVERYTHING, got in the car and drove to Vancouver, B.C..  It was a day of shopping, eating and Instagramming.  When we arrived in town and realized our camera had been left at home, it was actually kind of nice not having it for a change.  

So check back on Friday for my road-trip Instagrammy-wammies aaaaand 
a new pair of hot heels!  Yeah baby :)


  1. The fit on the pants are great and such a fresh color.

  2. Very nice color scheme, it looks good on you.

  3. I love it...very spring!

    -Chymere A.