I've always had a fascination with twins.  Specifically, I'm obsessed with the idea of there being two (or more) versions of me.  Skipping to the point: style and fashion.

There have been many times I've wanted to wear more than one outfit in an evening.  Perhaps it's the Gemini in me but sometimes after (or during even) a party or special event or bumping into an ex I think about what the experience would have been like if I had chosen to wear something different,  Like those stilettos or that puce coat or a skirt instead of harem pants??  Mainly because I believe that what one wears influences/determines their attitude/behavior.  Sometimes, greatly.  So if an outfit can influence how you act, it then also determines your experiences and outcomes.

So a year ago I had the idea of starting an "art" project of pictures of myself going out...with my twin!  And of course, my twin would always be wearing something completely different than me.  Our "twinness" being basically the symbol of a second reality, producing perhaps an alternate outcome.  You know, like an alternate universe.  So, before I show just how nerdy I really am, I will cut this sci-fi blabber short and just show you.
LEFT  blazer: BCBGMAXAZRIA / tank: H&M / skirt: H&M / fishnet stockings: Agent Provocateur / booties: Jessica Simpson / earrings: AllSaints / bag: thrifted

RIGHT  leather jacket: Ever / top: AllSaints / leather shorts: Forever21 / stockings: American Apparel / sandals: Jimmy Choo for H&M / bag: Chanel / earrings: AllSaints / chain link cuff: RiaRia
Of course, you probably already know that I do not have a twin sister.  Therefor, I cannot live vicariously through another me who can perhaps stick to her diet better or be more adventurous with her hair or maybe hates harem pants and loves skirts...  But in this lil project, I could live out the fantasy of wearing two different outfits at the same time and, pushing it further, showing a different side of myself and scenarios.  
Like the Mary Kate to my Ashley
Or the Sasha Fierce to my Beyonce

So I've been having fun with this project despite it's time consuming and laborious nature.  But the nature of it has actually been inspiring my everyday style.  I have to come up with items I wouldn't wear normally for each shoot.  I suggest you try it, really.  It's amazing what a different wardrobe you can make out of the same clothes when you look at it from an "opposite" perception.  

Trying new things!  Doing things differently!  Anyway, just some Monday musings with yours truly,

The Tiny Closet


  1. It really made me wonder if I would have acted differently wearing different clothes because of the different states of mind they put me in. I could see in which situations I would obviously have acted differently.
    Weirdly, I thought you looked nothing like your "twin" in the pictures... (maybe I just suck at recognizing people, but clothes do change you!)

  2. This is so friggin cool! Fortunately for me, I don't have to photo shop my twin (jealousss?) lol You look hot on your night out, mamacita!