New Day, New Shoes

I took a day off on Wednesday.  Theo and I drove to Vancouver, B.C. with no other plans than to shop, eat and chill.  Strolling downtown, I hopped into Zara to pick something out.
I picked these super hot heels to take home to my Tiny Closet:
These red, mink and black stilettos are my new besties.  I've had my eye on this style for years actually as these shoes are actually modeled directly from Christian Louboutin's New Helmut heels.  I have no idea who still sells this style Louboutin as they're from 2004 (I think)...   I hate to admit this but I am so so glad someone finally decided to copy the design!  And of course, Zara put their own spin on it with color blocking and a cute ankle strap.  I'll show details later but for now, I just had to get these babies on and go strutting somewhere in them!
This outfit is layered.  Over my Benetton jeans, I wore a waterfall ("mullet") skirt as a top from Forever21.  And over the skirt/top, I wore an oversize, off the shoulder tee from  I looooved this layered look and it was very comfortable.  I can't stand looking great and feeling horrible so when comfort and style collide, that's where you'll find me right in the middle, hugging myself.

And since we only had our phones with us during the trip, here's a few Instagrammies for ya!

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Love the top you created and the heels are hot. I turned an okld F21 asym. skirt into a scarf, can't wait to rock it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oh my goodness I love those shoes! Way to go on the top. Geez you always look so great.

  3. lovely pumps! looking for them already! love the total ensemble!!!