Having My Cake & Eating It... A Little

Yesterday, Theo and I had our cake tasting appointment with "Baked" custom cakes boutique in West Seattle.  Aside from doing wonders with fondant and buttercream, the actual cake flavors they whipped up for were heaven.  Slices of heaven!
 So on the top row left to right, we have a champagne cake with chocolate ganache, coconut cream and walnut, and then lemon curd with raspberry(?) I forget...  The second row is red velvet and cream cheese frost, deluxe chocolate with chocolate ganache and chocolate raspberry with raspberry buttercream.  
We decided on two flavors for a two-tiered fondant cake: the champagne and the deluxe chocolate ganache.  Whoohoo!
I also decided to wear a pair of bright coral vintage pleated pants from Value Village, a floral scarf for my hair and some old school vintage glasses that auto-tint in sunlight.  I actually wear glasses on the days I decide not to wear eye-makeup.  Do I need glasses?  No.  But glasses act as a wonderful substitute and dress the eyes well when there is no time for makeup. 
I will be wearing these pants again soon of course.  And before the Summer truly cools down, I'll definitely be showing them off with my "Dr. Suess" sandals :)

Now go have some cake!


  1. So jealous! I walk by there often and you can tell everything they make is scrumptious.

  2. Actually I noticed that coral has been set out as a fall color in a lot of stores (H&M, Forever 21, J Crew, etc.) So don't bury it in the back of your closet just yet! Love the scarf in your hair and those glasses are awesome!

  3. Golly, so wish I was there. Did someone say free cake!?

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