Casual... with Knife Pleats

The other day, I decided to go hi-lo.  Mixing a fine crepe-like silk shell with meticulous knife pleating with a pair of regular ol' denim cutoffs by Paper Denim.  The alternate definition of high/low I guess :)  I have always worn this shell with my business outfits but thought it would be more refreshing with something ultimately casual.  

What could be more casual than cutoffs??
I've been wearing glasses and hair scarves for the past several days - I can't stop!  I'm in the zone with this look, people.  And it all came about organically actually: I didn't feel like wearing concealer but I still felt my under eye area needed to be concealed in some way so I found some old vintage glasses.  The glasses in this post I found in the Philippines - $2, not vintage.  These other glasses here are vintage.  With the hair scarf, well my hair has now entered the "terrible grow-out" stage and... something needed to be done.

 shell/tank: Scout clothing boutique / cutoffs: Paper Denim / brogues: CMG

 And just like that, it's Fall...  

Every year around this time, before the leaves begin to really change and after the sunsets become noticeably earlier,  I go through a couple weeks of awkwardness; matching my ensembles to the changing temperature.  Should I wear a cardigan?  A light sweater?  A jacket?  Too warm, too cold...  This year though, I'm prepared.

Keep visiting to see my new "Apres Summer" cover ups!

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