Seeing Things Clearer

Ever since the Uggs epidemic in the early millennium, I have not seen such a blatant, widespread and eventually nauseating trend pop up in the fashion industry.   That is until the white acrylic watch came into play a year ago.  So cute and fresh at first when it started popping up.  So cute until it's just...not, which is mainly due, of course to total trend saturation.  With every mom, gay man and sorority sister sporting this bright white, chunky fresh bracelet watch, where's the fun now?  Instead of it being a cool surprise to an ensemble, it's now merely a period to a statement I've been seeing time and time again (no pun intended).

So when a trend becomes a pathogen, it's time to move on before you get infected!

Since I very much like the weight and design of this "boyfriend" watch, I simply decided to look for it in other colors.  But it just wasn't the same.  That's when I spotted a cheapo clear acrylic watch at an accessories stand months ago and realized no color at all is sooooo much cooler!!

From Left to Right: 
DKNY acrylic & silver / Michael Kors acrylic and rose gold / River Island acrylic, gold tone & crystal

While browsing online, I also became drawn to horn and pearl in the same styles:

Michael Kors horn link with Mother of Pearl hands / Fossil pearlescent acrylic, silver & crystal

With my mood boards all geared up for Fall I've been hard at work designing new, warmer items for my sewing projects.  Rose gold, horn and tortoise is so fitting for the Fall color schemes but my mind is still into resort colors and lines.  I shall mix the two!

So what do you think of these icy looks??  I love the clear - it goes with everything!  And with the sea of white watches everywhere, wearing clear can be a pleasant surprise :) 



  1. I love the river island and the fossil pearl ones. I have been trying to figure out what to go for as I start my watch collection. I do not own a watch, and have not owned on since primary school.

    Great post to draw inspiration from.

  2. Interesting. Maybe, I'm just a simple person (a classic Seiko or Bulgari), I don't like any of these watches. Yet, I do understand your statement about moving on when trends become to pathogenic.