Northwest Tropical

Peaked by my last scarf play, I decided to go through my magic bag [of scarves] and see what else I could do with some of the scarves I haven't been wearing...

A few years ago, a friend gave me a beautiful, hand painted scarf/sarong from Hawaii.  I LOVED it buuuut I had no idea what I would do with it.  The brilliant yellow and frosty pink painted flowers... I wasn't sure where it fit.  Until now that is.
 Thankfully, this scarf is huge so it covered all necessary areas to play the part of a dress that evening.  And while I don't find myself in halters much, I did enjoy showing off the plunging neckline I created with wrapping the scarf.  The yellow goes rather well with my coloring so I'm excited to wear it around my neck come Fall.
scarf: Hawaii / belt: Forever21 / wedges: Les Fiances / earrings: Forever21 / bangle: vintage

The weather was absolutely perfect on Monday and Theo and I loved walking up and down Alki Beach.  A perfect reprieve from a stressful day at work as everyone is now rushing around tying up loose ends before our awards show and industry showcase in Vegas.  I am a last-minute packer and even though I have quite a knack for it, I have never needed so many dresses and shoes for a trip before now.  Vegas for 8 days...yikes!  Talk about overkill.  But I can't wait to wear a couple new dresses I bought just for the occasion aaaand - I'm bringing the camera along to share the experience!