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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Bring your pop colors to the forefront!

Whenever I go thrifting, I always shop outside my comfort zone.  Especially when I shop at Value Village where I'm only paying $3 here and $5 there.  It's easier to experiment with new styles and also items I could possibly alter.  

So when I saw this hot hot hot pink Diane von Furstenberg dress at VV for $9, even though I neeever wear pop colors as a main piece, I thought,

"Oh, what the heck! 
Let's give this fierce thing a try, shall we?"
Diane von Furstenberg, a role model of mine, is fearless, powerful and incredibly self-possessed.  Her personality reflects in her designs so even though I am out of my grey/black/white comfort zone, I feel just like her: fierce!  Yeah baby.

Color Club "Edie" on my nails went strikingly with the fuchsia tone.  And my trusty black and gold accessories gave the simple design of the dress some drama and flyness.  I plan to wear this ensemble to work sans strappy sandals.  Exchange for a pair of simple glossy pumps and that's a perfect Monday outfit, wouldn't you say?
dress: Diane von Furstenberg (Value Village thrift) / belt: Forever21 / sandals: Jimmy Choo for H&M / bag: Rebecca Minkoff / necklace: thrift / sunglasses: Ann Klein


  1. I love her hair..I wann publish it on my blog.....gawgous..

  2. absolutely stunning!! I love the fact that you thrifted that!

  3. Shopping outside the comfort zone is a really good tip, I never think of doing that!
    I love your shoes and necklaces!

  4. Fierce colour! Loving the dress and your shoes!

  5. AMAZE. I would totally rock it to work with that shoe. LOL

  6. you are really cute and the dress which is a piece of fierce one suited on you very well.. and the accessories and the shoes.. a nice ensemble ;)