El Romper

What once was old...
I have now made new!
What, this old thing?  I've made a frumpy old dress that was once fit for a substitute math teacher in the 80s now fit for Summer time with wedge sandals!  Whether you pay for the service or you do it yourself, altering vintage, dated or ill-fitting clothing is the most creative, customized way to regularly update your closet.  

Fashion is fun and dramatic but when it comes to styling and wear, fit is key. It's the difference between wearing a frock and the frock wearing you.

I bought this dress for $3.99 at Value Village with a vision in mind for a flirty, girly romper.  I had been searching and searching and searching for some great Summer rompers and is it just me or do they all look a bit rated R?  Sifting through them at various stores, I felt like I needed to get a brazilian wax just to wear one!  What can I say, I am after all a lady and I'd like keep my private parts private thank you.  So Value Village (where I buy most of my thrift items) was the perfect place to go looking for a bright, fun and perhaps dated frock to create my own romper hemline...
Fresh off the sewing table, I debuted my romper on my visit to the neighborhood taco truck.  Paired with my Et Fiancees wedges. 
This Abercrombie & Fitch belt is an oldie from the 90s.   The older it gets the better it looks.
 My signature nail color is brilliant sunflower yellow.  Oddly enough.  It just goes with me.  This particular shade is "Need Sunglasses" by O.P.I.  The minty shade on my toes is "Milf" by Illamasquah.
So officially, this is my first altered piece!  I capped the sleeves and actually kept the shoulder pads as I like a strong shoulder line.  I then brought the front and back together to a comfortable crotch length and created a flared A-line short.  

Voila :)


  1. Shut the front door. You made that out of THAT?

  2. This is 100% my favorite thing you have ever worn. I just quit my job to become a make old clothes into cool new clothes person. Now all I need is a sewing machine, lessons, and your sense of style.

  3. Kudos on this first altered piece! You did good work :)
    Can't wait to see what you'll do in the future. Love your nails.

  4. Nice color!! It's amazing how you can change something up with a bit of imagination.

  5. WOW!! that is really nice, romper is the best ethnic attire for women or girls.. It is very comfortable and can be worn at any kind of occasion.What great color combination and she look really pretty in that romper!!
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  6. I want this romper, like I would buy it right now! I follow a vintage thrifter/sytlist and she had me try on what I thought was going to be the ugliest romper (pants) last spring. It looked paisley or floral. I love it and got the MOST compliments ever last summer! Love, love, love it! Now to lose those last few pounds to get back in it!

    I will send my address for this one too! LOL