Taking a break from working our butts off, Theo and I decided to take a trip into the suburbs and go mall-ing today...

For those of you who don't know what the term "mall-ing" means, I will explain.  It is a leisurely walk with 2 or more people; walking through the mall, not with the intent of buying anything substantial but of course a Pink Berry or Red Mango ice cream - or the notorious Cinnabon or Orange Julius.  So basically...

Mall-ing = :)

Mall-ing is literally like a long walk on the beach for me.  Or actually, it's more like a long walk on a boardwalk.  And this is mall-ing in the suburbs that I'm referring to.  I love the novelty stores, I love overhearing the teenagers talking, I love the families of 12 that come all together, the window shopping, ah.   It's become kind of a past time with Theo and me because, get this - he happens to like it too!  Aint' that perfect?

Anyway, taking some pictures outside, things got silly.

I've been wanting to pair brilliant blues with leopard in some way but wasn't sure exactly how to pull it into an ensemble.  I finally settled on these gray pants as to not upstage the vibrance of the patterned shoes and blue layers up top.  These lil spiky, leopard monsters are my all time favorites and suggested by an amazing style/shopping blog Style The Luxe.  Go there!
This shirt has actually turned out to be bomb.  

When I received it in the mail, I was pretty disgusted disappointed with the cut and design of it and never ever wore it.  I got it from StyleMint, a collaborative retail line designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.  I was originally completely taken with the concept - you know, like with designers of the year like the Olsens I was thinking the fit would be much more flattering than normal tees buuut, as it turned out for me, the tops are quite roomy, border lining on frumpy and not true to normal sizes.  Me thinks the only reason the top works now is because I tumble dried it and it shrunk to coincidentally, a better size.  

Well played, shirt.  I suppose you will live to see another day.

coat: H&M / scarf: Ross / top: / pants: Zara / shoes: King from / accessories are thrifted
Okay so to explain this awkwardness above, Theo is always telling me to "play with the camera"... who am I, Gisele Bundchen?  Jeeez.  When he says this, I always go blank and just keep posing.  This time, I wanted to impress him by voluntarily playing around and "interacting" with the lens.  What you see in this photo above is what happened.  Oy.  He was like, "What are you doing?"  I then stopped immediately.  Thought I'd share the embarrassment.

Anyway, returning from Asia, I saw that I'd failed to cancel my StyleMint membership before leaving.  I racked up a ton of credit, bought the first things that caught my eye and cancelled my account for good now...  You'll see the new items later and you can be the judge.

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