The Duster

Many older Filipino women wear what is called a "duster".  Psst, in the states we call them "muumuus".  Dusters are long, shapeless, extremely colorful and pattern driven dresses to be worn in the house.  Normally, I wouldn't be head over heels for these zany things but they are so vibrant and fun I can't help but wear them.  Plus many of them are so crazy with patterns and loud colors that dusters kinda go with everything.

You know when something is so extreme that it goes with nothing and then seemingly everything at the same time?  I love it.

These dusters are sold literally all over the country - you can get them virtually anywhere.  And what's more, they're super cheap.  So I bought 6.  Its somewhat unusual for a girl of my age to be wearing them as I said before, dusters are really only seen on older women and house wear no less - but who cares?  I'm not Filipino, I'm American so I'm oblivious to blasting the stereotype and shaking up the system.  Remember the atrocity with Urban Outfitters and Forever21 using navajo prints on undies and flasks?  Too far, too far I know but you know what I mean.  I digress....

Anyway, I usually delight in shapeless wear (I live, eat and breath "drape") but these days, I have been getting a bit leaner so I thought it would be fun to hike up my hem and show my legs.  Yeah baby.
I hid the extra material under my thick leather Zara belt to turn my long duster into a fun Summer dress.

Disappointed you couldn't see the real thing in its vibrant entirety?  Don't worry I'll be showing you just how awesome and man-repelling this house dress can really be!  Let's just say you shouldn't wear it if you share a bed with someone.  

Wait - no!  Wear it and blow his mind!

Have a great week!


  1. uh-oh. Dusters/housecoats/moomoos = very hard to pass up. Way to make it look not atrocious!

  2. I'd like 26, please! I wanna see your whole duster haul too. I'm very demanding.

  3. My grandmother wore muumuus ALL THE TIME around the house. But 15 minutes before Granddad came home off it went for something more "male"-conscious. She called them dusters too! Either way Grandma didn't have your legs! OH - MY - GOSH they look fan---Tastic! And I hate it. ;)

  4. I think they're really fun! Especially this one, the colours are really vibrant and I guess the shorter length helps :) Growing up in Malaysia we had traditional batik sarongs and kaftans that were pretty shapeless and boring, I didn't like them when I was younger as my grandma used to wear them around the house and to the markets, but they got modernised and I got myself a few. Good thing about shopping in South East Asia is that things are so cheap :)

  5. i love them too.. I need 50.. the wonders I would do with them.. I would def reconstruct them into beautiful flowing dresses!~

  6. Interesting. My mama was born and raised in Alabama and she called those dresses dusters as well, and she loved them. I love them too, but they're getting hard to find.