Sonya's Garden: The Esthetic of Charm & Whimsy

After climbing well over 423 stone steps in Batad, swimming in waterfalls and climbing through caves, we were surprisingly exhausted.  To kick up our feet, we decided to get a villa in Sonya's Garden and pamper ourselves with massages, facials and amazing food.

The villa was breathtaking but after seeing my bed...  I was surprised I went anywhere at all.

I wore a robe most of the time I was there.  A choice between two silk robes were laid out for me before our arrival.  I never wear robes but needless to say I made an exception as these robes were the most gorgeous I have ever seen...
And to make our stay even more magical that first night, I found on the side of the bed a book, "Romantic Tales of Arabian Nights".  Theo read to me into the wee hours of the night and I fell asleep in my silk hand painted robe dreaming of far off Arabian love affairs.
Chandeliers hung everywhere, even in the surrounding gardens.  As we left, I made myself a promise that I would find this fairytale place again someday.

Fashion is first an idea before it, shall we say "materializes" into clothing, yes?  

I was so overwhelmed by the conceptual esthetic around me at Sonya's Garden that I just had to include it in my blog because the Tiny Closet is a concept as well, see.  

Its an esthetic that I've created for myself to express my sense of fashion.  And I love conceptual thinking because its so concentrated and streamlined and saturated!  Its so extreme.  So even though I don't wear florals or own a single doily or have chandeliers hanging in my garden, places like this one is what truly inspires my own concepts and in turn, my wardrobe.

Thanks for reading :)  Don't you love this place?


  1. It's just that I want to be there tooooooo! When you get home we're mapping out everything you did and I'm doing a redo of your trip. Looks incredible.

  2. For sure Ash! I can't wait to share the itinerary - you will love it :)

  3. OH - MY - GOSH!!!! Sonya's Garden!!!! To die for!!!! Girlfriend looks FABulous! Thanks so much for taking us along!

  4. OH LALA>>> ARABIAN NIGHTS... I dream of beds like this one.. and window shield surrounding me in such a place... I love this inspiration and I am going to sleep in this bed one day soon!