Something Old & Something New!

Remember this ol' thing?

Well this AllSaints maxi is back and fitting into my new environment quite well.

I wore this drapey frock in December - jump over to my post, "Big News" to view more photos!

If you've been following me (thank you!!) you're probably getting the picture: my Tiny Closet has limited vacancies for clothing one can only wear a few times a year so for the most part....if I can't wear it all year long then I simply don't have the room!

Aaaaand something new! 
 I received some amazing news before I left for Asia:

Before Christmas, I entered a contest on www.Beso.com to win a $1000 wish list.  What was so flippin' fabulous about this contest was you created the wish list!!!  Best contest ever.  

But maybe I'm just saying that because I won :)

The contest was to create to wish list and explain why you needed the items you chose.  I jumped at the chance as I knew I'd be traveling in tropical weather for 3 month... and I like, totally needed like, clothes to wear and stuff.  Of course I was much more eloquent and charming in my official plea explanation but come on, that was probably the jist of everyone's entry.

Beso.com is uhmazing.  An online retail search engine of sorts similar to Shopstyle.com.  After using the site though and playing with their addicting Wish List feature, my search for all things retail has narrowed to Beso for sure.

When I won my wish list and found that some of the items in the stores didn't have my size or were out of stock, I was instead offered $1000 to a retailer of my choice that Beso supported.  I literally had hundreds of retail shops, brands and online retail stores to choose from. Ahhh!!!

I finally chose Yoox.com, which I will expand on later but since I left for Asia right after I won, I still have yet to use my certificate!  So immediate shopping upon my return in the Spring is the plan.  Guess I'll just have to survive on what I have for the next two months.

Thankfully, I'm not needing much these days.
Leave a comment and check out Beso.com now!

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  1. Wow x 7 = Wowzier~

    at first when reading this yesterday I looked over at someone and said.. Now How da Heck does one find contest like this.. Im so out the loop~ lol

    Im going to check them out now.. LOVE THAT DRESS...