Shades of Gray

Last night, my guy asked me at the last minute to assist him in a few auditions he booked for this morning for a web series he is directing.  Callbacks starting at 9:30...  Um, okay hun!

We are serious night owls so waking up extra early is rare and saved for emergencies and special occasions (ridiculous right?  I know).  So, in an effort to maintain my regular beauty sleep I had to cut out my morning jog, blessed long shower and a new makeup idea I was looking forward to experimenting with.  Oh well.  Times like this one is when a signature look comes in handy!  A style for your hair, nails and outfit that's quick, easy and most important, flattering.  You can get up and go and still look fashionably put together.

My Signature Look: 

I like gray, can you tell?  In fact, I pretty much only wear gray.  Many, many shades of it as you will soon see.  Boring?  Never.  I have learned that if you really only like one family of color, being dynamic with texture is key.  Also, gray goes with pretty much everything and if you're working with a Tiny Closet like I am, you know its most important to have clothing with range and longevity.

If you have a small closet, then having clothes or colors that don't match with at least 60% of the rest of your closet is even more limiting.

I have a few vibrant pieces for each season but these days, whatever item of clothing I purchase, I make sure it goes with like, 100% of what I have already.

I do however love crazy, colorful nail art.  This morning I wore KleanColor Pastel Blue & Pastel Purple.

2 yards of knit fabric / Nancy's Sewing Basket (more on this later)

Zach Godiva Tee / AllSaints

American Apparel (mens)



a gift I received at Vince Camuto's Fall fashion show at Nordstrom (great metallic tote!)

Chainmail Cuff: 
custom made as a gift from freelance jeweler, "Riaria" in NYC

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  1. I frickin LOVE this. My closet is tiny too-now - by choice. I'm really liking the idea of 100% coordination. Took me a minute to really look at your signature look - FANTASTIC; hair pulled back and easy, nails done, I can almost smell the perfume! You rock!