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Well, I'm just going to come out and say it - I'm unemployed.  Before 6 months ago, I was in e-commerce retail and enjoying my decade long habit of weekly shopping, sale events, makeovers and satisfying my "have-to-have" clothing lust.  Then came the dj record cut and the party stopped.  No job, no money to spend.  

Walking through downtown seeing all the new bags and shoes and fall clothing in the windows got harder and harder.  I stayed home.  At my computer all day emailing resumes and staying up to date with the fashion world, I began to hate everything in my closet.  And having cancelled my hot yoga membership, I even started hating how I was beginning to look in my clothes.  Ugh.  Things had gotten gloomy.  

Then a month ago, I decided to snap out of it.  I looked at myself and thought - I am 28 years old, I'm healthy and happy and I am broke as a joke.  Lets make this work.  So I began documenting and listing things I had found that got me closer to enjoying my limited means - coming up with great ways to not only make do but even improve my style.  Its gotten to be so much fun that I decided to chronicle my adventures and experiments.  

To get myself out of my funk, this was my first list: 

1. Go for a jog.

Get out and sweat.  Sweating clears my pores and jogging tones my legs.  Both are free.  Yes please!

2.  Go organic.  Like really organic.  

My department store face regimen was getting ridiculously expensive.  I decided to find the ingredients my face needs at the grocery store.  Whole Foods is wonderful for such an adventure.

The cleanser I was using was a version of Black Soap.  My combination skin loves BlackSoap so I now get it in bar form made by hand by a group of women in Ghana (fair-trade).  Its cheap and can be found anywhere in the states though.  During Winter months, my face gets really dry so I sweep on a thin layer of Jojoba oil before washing with BlackSoap.  It counteracts the soap's drying affects.

My skin also loves apple cider vinegar.  I mix it with water in a bottle and pat it on my face.  I don't use cotton balls - the rubbing induces redness, which I don't need!
Lastly, my moisturizer was hard to break down into active ingredients.  A girlfriend of mine actually gave me a moisturizer from LUSH Cosmetics, Enzymion.  First ingredient is lemon juice and its famous for its matte finish, which is great for those shiny noses.  I tried it and it was grand!  I don't use a lot at all though so when it runs out, I will buy the $4.95 sample pot - lasts a long time.  
For the Fall and Winter months, I mix it with pure coconut oil to give my face a bit more moisture and protection.

So, instead of spending upwards of $150 on face care alone, I now spend $50 
and the products work just as well.

3.  Style your f*ing hair.
Wash it, brush it, style it - do something!  Done hair makes it that much easier for me to feel put together before I've put on anything at all.

4.  Wear perfume.
Even when the weather is gloomy and I don't have plans, a cheery ladylike perfume gives my day a bit more formality and urge to do something.  

My fiance has always bought all of my perfumes.  Its a special treat.  But when I am curious about a scent, I get samples.  Tons of them.  And boy do they last!

5.  Go places, if not to just see the sights.
I am a city girl through and through.  But with lack of funds, brunches, happy hours, dinners and lattes are spread far apart these days.  I still get dressed and walk around though.  I make notes of new restaurants opening, cafes I haven't visited, and future places to go.  Walking with a friend makes this even more fun- before I know it, I'm chatting up a storm and having a great walk.  For free :)

So, this list really helps me stay focused on the important things.  Looking great!  Ha, but more importantly, doing these things reminds me that clothes don't make the woman.  A healthy body, clean skin a little perfume and some enthusiasm will make just about any ensemble look fabulous.  

God, I'm turning into my mother...

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey there!

    I just got to your blog few days ago and let me tell you that I enjoy all the things I have seen so far.
    Thanks for sharing your top 5 list to get out of your funk, I really apreciate them all specially the fact that they are very cheap and the jogging is for free all you need is to be ready to face it... Thank you so much and keep sharing with us.
    Sheila (Angola)