Soft Sides

As gritty as downtown L.A. can be, I can always find the brighter, softer side of the city.  The trees, the glossy high rises, the majestic views and in particular, this long serene stretch of concrete built above the streets. 
It was a little too windy for this easy breezy duo but the peaceful softness of this area where we were walking matched my mood, which matched my outfit.

The easiness of this cropped top and a newly designed pair of high-waist pants in a samurai style reminded me of the soft, simple and modern roots of my fashion tastes.  And modern because of all the stretch knit pieces I have.  I'm a stretch-knit girl for life.  Give me a bolt of it and I'll make a whole wardrobe from just stretch knit.  I'll do it!  Maybe I already have at this point...

But it really is all about comfort and beauty.  And not beauty as in vanity but beauty as in pleasant peace.  Being comfortable enough to be able to enjoy your clothing and your surroundings. 
So after working with stretch knits for years, making it a substantial part of my wardrobe and also selling it in The Tiny Closet Shop, I am now seeking out new textures and fabrics that can give me the same effortless feeling as soft stretchy knits.  Can I feel as effortless in silk?  Leather?  Linen?

I'm realizing it's not all just in perspective and tastes but it has a lot to do with the design of things.  Like the city I live in.  So I'm having fun exploring the softer sides of other materials.  And seeing what I can come up with.
And speaking of which, there's certainly more coming to The Tiny Closet Shop this upcoming season so I'm very excited to show more!

Have a beautiful weekend :)

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