Leaving Winter

Winter in Los Angeles is always fickle.  If it's cold in the morning, it warms by the afternoon and if it's sunny all day, the wind chill may be terrible.  Layering is key of course.  But I don't like to layer.  It's clothing I have to be aware of throughout the day and I'm just not up for the task.  Sometimes, it can't be helped but on a day like this day, just 3 pieces work.
A blanket-like sweater, a big ol' prairie skirt in a medium weight linen and some comfy flats.

I won't speak for anyone else but I have got to have a big awesome sweater always in my closet.  It's a staple!  You can wear it in the movie theaters, at home, grocery shopping for veggies and meats (both in the chilly section of the store), windy walks, at the airport waiting for your connecting flight.  And if you missed your connection, you can ball it up to make an awesome pillow.  It goes over everything and it's there for you always.
Psst!  This all-season skirt actually comes in a sample available for sale in my shop!
My free time has lately been only in the wee early hours of the morning or at night so this outfit worked for my morning coffee and stroll with my guy.  It's a bit too clunky or frumpy for the midday hustle I think.  But that's okay because this look's got a special cozy morning vibe.  Or great for romantic cloudy walks on the beach. Mmmm.

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today!  And speaking of today, I was interviewed by Coni of Lady Balls Radio last week(!!) where we talked about the concept and lifestyle behind The Tiny Closet and The Tiny Closet Shop.  If you've ever been curious about the evolution of my blog, my clothing line, my minimalist approach to fashion, and why the The Tiny Closet is so Tiny, head over to Lady Balls Radio and listen to our super fun and uplifting convo on why less is better and how cleaning out your closet is free therapy!


  1. I love your sweater coat. It looks comfy, cozy, and chic.

  2. Natalie, that sweater looks super cozy...we are having the same weird weather out here in San Francisco. Also, I can't wait to check out the podcast/interview.