Forget You're Wearing It

The other day, I found myself scouring the internet looking for pics of all my style idols.  Recharging my batteries for inspiration in authenticity!   I think what captures me most in a woman with fantastic style is firstly, it's completely and totally her style.  Even if what she's wearing is as common as a t-shirt and jeans - for some reason, when she puts it on, it almost seems like she invented the duo.  She has the ability to transform lifeless pieces of clothing into an identity.

And secondly... she doesn't seem to notice she's wearing anything at all.

Put it on and then forget you're wearing it, I say.  Because it's not your life.  

If you're doing it right, clothes are meant to facilitate your life, not distract you away from living it.  Feel fabulous, feel comfortable and feel empowered to tackle your 99 problems cus your outfit aint one.

tank: American Apparel / shorts: Santee Alley / shoes: Keds

Skimming through the amazing styles of old friends, celebrities, artists, I was reminded once again what authenticity and freedom look like in the form of an outfit and that they are my only two end goals when wearing anything.  As it should be.


  1. I love this post! Everything you've said! Two of my goals are chic and effortless. To not only look effortless, but truly feel that way too. And free up my mind for other things. Love this. :)

  2. Absolutely in love with your style and your blog!

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  4. Great look, love those classic Keds