Bare Minimum

Lately, it's been very important to me to look good when going out.  Even a walk to the dog park has me in the closet mulling over options for 20 mins.  Usually I'm so good at this...  What gives?  

Oh that's right.  It's Summer time.

 Summer marks the occasion need to wear less and believe it or not, I'm not very good at this.  Now a pared down ensemble, I got you any day of the week - buuuuuut when the heat begins to rise and all I can do is fantasize about wearing a loin cloth all day, your girl struggles a bit with gracefully pulling off, well, taking things off.

Shorts, mini skirts, tanks, bikinis.  Eek!
Maybe it's because I grew up under a blanket of dark clouds and never had to think about any of the above if I didn't want to... Or maybe it's because I have the modesty of a nun, I don't know - the point is this Summer.  This Summer I'm going to figure it out.

In the meantime, I shall take to wearing mens clothes.  I'm serious!  When in doubt, go big.  Go oversize.  Cut-offs and a 2-buttoned button up are hugely less intimidating when worn out of size.  I've been wearing my old roommate's denim shorts he cut to his knees, that I then cut to my thighs and... I just realized this now, I'm also wearing his Michael Kors button up...  So this outfit was brought to you by, in fact a very stylish man - thank you Chris!

It's actually pretty perfect that I wound up re-building my Tiny Closet during the Summer months.  Simply because Summer wear is the toughest wardrobe for me.  So I am currently spending time on my thoughts and tendencies to run and hide when forced to pick out intimidating pieces like shorts and swimwear.  And through that I plan to have a solid, versatile and comfortable Summer collection of pieces I can't wait to put on!


  1. Love it. Comfy yet put together. You legs are CRAZY good! Must be the yoga :-)

  2. Oh man! Because of you I'm going to raid my husband's side of the closet.

  3. Now wait a cotton pickin' minute! You struggle with what!!?? No way, Natalie! I cannot even tell that you struggle with pulling anything off with those nice bare minimal threads you have.
    I have been trying to find a white button down shirt for the longest and didn't think to look in the men's department. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Everything you wear looks great.