Throw It On & Go

As much as I love clothing and styling, I hate thinking about what I'm going to wear.  I'm a throw-it-on-and-go type'a girl.  Dressing should be based on intuition and attitude and neither should require too much thought so I don't like to ruin the mood by taking too much time with the process.

I work at a restaurant during the weekend so I don't pay attention to dressing on those days.  I usually go for a walk or grab breakfast with Theo or a friend right before going in and I just throw pieces together to get out the door.  It's my favorite way to get dressed.  

Last weekend, I went shopping at my favorite designer consignment boutique, Buttons and Bows.  The girls there are fabulous and always so fresh looking.  I had the best time picking out some new gems for my Tiny Closet, including this awesome oversize denim and leather cargo vest:

vest: vintage Guess (Buttons & Bows) / tee: James Perse / pants: The Tiny Closet Collection / shoes: Steven

I don't usually partake in the vintage sport as I my tastes are drawn to the super modern looks buuuuut this vest fits right inside my comfort zone of being able to be thrown on over anything.  And at the same time, 80s/90s nod gives it a statement over my minimalist styling tendency.

 Anyway, I didn't think twice about the rest of the ensemble: a pair of my canvas pants I made for the Winter season and my trusty leopard espadrilles.  Denim, leather and leopard are all neutrals to me so I just threw them all together and headed out the door.  They don't match but like, who cares?

I mean, when it comes down to it, if you have a closet made up of only things you love, you can't really go wrong, can you?  And even if you think you have, it's way more fun to be creative and wear what you feel in the moment than deliberate and dilute the process with you know, thinking too much.

Come back Thursday to check out what other treasures I've added to my Tiny Closet!
Welcome to the week!  Hope it's a blast :)


  1. This look is so Denise Huxtable/Lisa Bonet back in the day! Yes, LESS is BEST with the wardrobe and allows for creativity and less time spending minutes or hours making a decision on what to wear. I have found that when I just slap something on and go without putting too much effort, I have the best TIME! Especially since I'm a ballroom dancer and used to take a little more time than usual on what to wear; NOT ANYMORE THOUGH! With the help of your advice/style and also minimizing my closet over the past year, I am jubilant over my new wardrobe pieces! Oh yeah: It also helps having natural hair, too, because THAT means NO EXTRA TIME with hair gadgets (flat irons etc;) and deciding on how to style ya hair!
    Yaay +!!!

  2. I love this outfit. I think the pants are ikat, right? I think all these pieces are classics and will span many years. I don't think it looks 80's at all. I like how you're rocking it.

  3. That vest is a nice find.

  4. That's a hot vest! LOVE IT! The pants the mix of prints...feeling all of it! You never disappoint!

  5. Your posts are always so refreshing! I'm on the east coast, where the seasons are more distinct, but this is definitely something I'd put together on a beautiful Spring day.