Just Playin' with Prints

shirt: Faconnable Men / pants: Tiny Closet Collection / shoes: Steve Madden 

Just playing around in my room this morning listening to ODESZA and trying on everything in my closet.  

Why don't I do this more often?!

This year is about having fun with clothes.  For real.

Have I said that before?  I mean it this time.  I've been having this overwhelming desire to just have fun with my look, my image, my persona through clothes.  Not caring about my definitions of style and realizing I did before. 

"Is this shirt me? Are these shoes not me?"
Who cares y'all.

Just a Tiny midday post for ya - in case you were hanging out over here and wondering what I was up to!


  1. Love the shoes, and I will be trying something new with a similar pair I have this weekend. Love your ideas.

  2. "Is this shirt me? Are these shoes not me?"
    Who cares y'all.

    I♡this. Exactly where I'm at. Realizing I'm a tshirt & jeans girl. Dressed up or down. No matter where I'm going. That's me..what I like.. who cares. Thanks for your style inspiring post!

  3. It's funny, I recently had this reawakening too! I got re-inspired to enjoy fashion again period. Lol. But from a different perspective, it's not from one of hyper consumerism or even my interpretation of trends anymore. It's from a place of me being an artist and using anything I get my hands on to express, draw inspiration on and simply enjoy. I can enjoy fashion without being a shopaholic or clothes whore. These realizations were really freeing to me. It's so refreshing to just enjoy clothing and wear it and not get stressed about if it is your usual look or if "it's you".

  4. Nice look. Mixed prints is the best way to have fun with your clothes and you did right!

  5. That's for encouraging women to enJoy our freedom of expression! The outfits screams fun!

  6. Exactly! Who cares!??? We've been warned: "Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on.
    Natalie, your pieces are simple and fun; you mix them together well anyway. Thanks for the inspiration!