A Many Splendored Thing

This weekend is Valentine's Day weekend.  And even though Theo and my idea of a romantic time is watching The Flash on Hulu, 
it doesn't mean I can't dress the part...

Yes, love is a many splendored thing but so is dressing for the occasion!  I've been looking forward to staying indoors and out of the way of date-nighters, makeup-diners, first timers and the obligatory symbolism that this holiday can bring out and give a bad name.  

Instead, I wanted to play with the other stereotype of Valentine's Day: 
the look of it all!   

Theo and I are romantic almost 365 days out of the year.  Extremely romantic.  I married a man who loves love and he married a woman who loves to be absolutely adored.  It worked out.  But what I don't usually take the opportunity to do is indulge in my bohemian-romance daydreams.  And what better occasion is there to go all out?  And now I am sharing my lil romantic style side with you.

This look was made up of random fabrics and remnants I had in my sewing cabinet.  For a chic minimalist like I like to think I am, I sure do own a lot of frilly crazy textiles.  I guess it's all in how you wear it though.  Afterall, I am only wearing two items.

I look forward to once and for all, doing something with these wonderful fabrics.  Stay tuned!

oh, and happiest of Valentine's Days to you, lovely readers :)


  1. ... I'm inspired. I need to kick-up my hair and find something sexy to wear! How the heck did you make all those print play so well together?!

    1. 'Cause, she's FLY like that! Isn't it wonderful? :')

  2. I already posted my comments and they never were published and I don't know or understand why

  3. Ooh la la. A little frill can add some interest sometimes.

  4. To bohemian-romance daydreams! Happy Valentine's

  5. Theeeeeeee HAIR though!!! Noticed that rhymes with Theo? In which I know he had an extra blast shooting this one! You look stunning.
    I haven't done THEME SONGS in a while; the theme song to this one is: IN A DREAM by Gretchen Parlato. Have you heard it before? I wouldn't be surprised because you're FLY like that.
    What will you make of those wonderful frilly remnants? Pillows, draperies, shower curtain, scarf, a dope cloak, journal cover??? When you you do, send me one; of EACH!

    1. IN A DREAM is the perfect musical accompaniment to this picture. L-o-v-e Gretchen Parlato almost as much as I love this site.

      Natalie, you are making me rethink my whole wardrobe.

  6. Wowzza! You scream a song "come play with me, come lay with me, come be my one & only lover" you're so dope. Luv all the textures surrounding you💛

  7. Very sweet! I love the whole palette in the photos and as usually you look gorgeous!

    My hubby and I stayed in as well and we have the same philosophy on Valentines day. We celebrate our love everyday of the year so V-Day is literally just another day. We did however, take our babies out to dinner the day after. Hibachi! LOL

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  8. I absolutely adore this mini photo-shoot that you did. Such a cute idea! Plus you look absolutely fab!