Wine Wednesdays...

After celebrating the holidays, after surviving two exceeeeedingly long road trips in which a full size golden retriever used me as a dog bed, after ringing out the new year working til 3am, after catching up daily at the usual favorite bars, and after going to an epic company holiday party, it was the final straw of Wine Wednesday, an event at one my favorite markets in the Arts District that officially broke the camel's back...

Thursday found me sick as a dog.  

Ah well.  I suppose someone had to put a stop to this madness.  And it wasn't going to be me so, thank you, universe :)  I'm taking the hint.

The thing is, I just love dressing up to have drinks.  I think I may even love it more than actually having them.
Haha, that's hilariously untrue!  But the end of last week proved to slow me back down to my normal gradual pace, causing me to miss out on a couple other fun events - causing me to miss out on dressing for a couple other fun events. 

No, I couldn't wear my cute outfits out but that's what is fabulous about a blog.  I can share my unworn outfits with you :)

dress: Tiny Closet Collectons / trench: Mason / boots: Jessica Simpson / rings: Lulu May Jewelry

This piece I made during the Fall and I am thrilled to be finding more ways to dress it.  I first debuted it here as a comfy dress to wear while hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  But for simple nights out, I too love keeping it simple and this is perfect for just that.  Making a statement without really trying in the least is the best.  And being comfortable too while cackling in the back with your girls, well that's the icing on this minimal cake.

Here's to finally being finished with ringing out the new year!


  1. You look gorgeous Natalie!! Love the simplicity. :-)


  2. All of that caused you to "wind" down a bit, ey? Well, I'm glad you're back to feeling better . I like the dress with those booties!

  3. Loving the dress, especially in the first pic! And yes, I totally agree about liking to dress up for events more than liking the actual event :p

    Andréa Christine
    Polette Eyewear Review | SimplyFashionTV

  4. That is a great dress. I just looks so dang comfortable. Love the design - so many uses ...

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