New Year

pants: The Tiny Closet Collection / button up: Michael Kors / heels: Nine West

My vacation time with family and old friends was too short.  But it always seems that way.  The holidays have a powerful way of bringing me back to my roots and clarifying wherever I am in life.  Maybe that's because I'm literally going back to my hometown and kicking' it with gals I've known since the 8th grade. *sigh*  They have a way of straightening things out pretty perfectly.  

So with  a tidy list of resolutions and fun future plans, I have returned to my carefully designed easy breezy life back in L.A..   Perhaps these photos give the impression that I might still be on vacation?  Ha!  I hope they do.  Because one of my resolutions is to keep things simple, meaningful and full of sun.  

Okay, I'm up for the challenge. 

 These fun pants are yet another piece from my Tiny Closet Collection.  Trying out fun prints for comfy pants and seeing what I can do.  Perhaps you'll see more of these in the future :)  Until then, a mens button up and heels (or no heels) is what I'm into for January.  

This is the month for creating and nurturing new ideas, hibernation and brainstorms!  Your girl needs to be comfortable to think, y'all.  Plus, since the pants are silk***, this is a passable outfit for those little jaunts to the neighborhood bars for a quicky happy hour break here and there.  Just add heels!

I hope you're coming down nicely from the holiday festivities and setting a happy course for 2015.  I am definitely excited to share with you what's in store for the new year sooooooooo

 come visit me again soon!!

***Psst!  So if you're like Shante who recently commented humorously on my wearing silk in the middle of Winter, I know I'm totally in another world here in L.A.!  It's like spring time right now - but for those of you who are experiencing a real Winter, you still have the option of wearing silk!  I think.  Wearing wool or cotton tights underneath will keep those legs nice and warm under some silky pantaloons :) yes? 


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR and WELCOME BACK chillaxed couture queen. Yes, it does look like you're still vacationing with all the bright sun and all. Who wears SILK in the winter!? Apparently you LA folk and I'm so jealous. Can we switch weathers, please?

    1. Haha! Happy New Year to you!! I updated this post because of your comment. I laughed when I read it because you're so right LOL

  2. Beautiful pictures! I really need a vacation but I'm try to wait until I have my baby.

  3. Happy New Year! My resolution: Don't be complacent. It's general enough to apply to a wide range of life situations but not specific enough to make me feel confined to it. Part of ridding complacency is revamping my wardrobe. I always say I have nothing to wear when it's really nothing I LIKE wearing. I'm hoping for some comfy pants in my future as well. :-)

  4. Happy New Year! Comfort - nothing like it. Comfortable with myself, comfortable with my surroundings. By the way I LOVE the nail and lip color - fabulous.

  5. I like your cheerful and " keep it simple" attitude... oh yeah COMFORT too. With a busy life one has to be comfort to make quick wise decisions. Simplicity and comfort , that's my style. My challenge for 2015 is to simplify my closest, too much stuff makes one indecisive and that's just not working for me. Sooooo it's time to remove the extras to see the clarity.
    Happy New Year! :-)

    1. Yes! ah, you're very right. It DOES make me indecisive when I have too much! Happy New Year :)