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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Urban Artistic

With my new bantu blow out do, I've been thoroughly enjoying my slightly changed look. 
Same clothes, new look! 
I love how hair just seems to change everything.

tee: Tiny Closet Collection / dress: Urban Outfitters / boots: Santee Alley

And with my new hair styling, it's inspired an inclination to a more bohemian, artsy style.
Pairing two faves together, my Tiny Closet Collection jersey tee and a chiffon tank dress, it was perfect for hanging out in all afternoon in the Arts District last week.

I've been in Seattle for the past week enjoying my sorely missed friends and family.  It's funny, this ensemble actually makes me nostalgic of the style here. 

I'll be sharing some photos from my hometown beginning on Monday so come back next week to check out my Northwest-vaca style!  
It is after all, where The Tiny Closet all started :)


  1. I agree hair changes everything .... Very chic look

  2. was wearing a similar look yesterday~ you look fab, as always love the hair

  3. You're amazing. Your hair is so va-va-voom these days and I LOVE it! I'm glad you're having a great getaway, the 'fit looks fabulous :)

    The Indie Byline

  4. I absolutely love this casual and free flowing look.

  5. Heard so many great things about Seattle, would love to visit one day. It is funny that hair does change everything, you feel like a new woman, and it was a simple adjustment! lol. Would like to blow out my hair as well but honey! the work, I just can't deal with the work. Such a great look, enjoy your vaca!

  6. Lovely hair, and that top is nice :)

  7. Seems like the hair is doing good things for you. Enjoying family friends & places you love always makes me smile! LOVE=LIFE

  8. You look so cool!