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Monday, January 20, 2014

Fun In a Midi

From day 1, I was a girl who absolutely had to be comfortable.  Coco Chanel certainly said it best when she spoke of comfort.  One quote that I will never forget is 
"If it's not comfortable, it's not luxury."  

I couldn't agree more.

Everyday of my life in fashion is a process of clever schemings.  New ways to be fashionable, feminine and compelling - all while being... comfy.
Comfort must be where I exist, otherwise, my clothes become a cage.  

I must be free!

This buttery lambskin leather midi has an incredible drape and fit.  It's easy, versatile and last week I realized it aint half bad when ensembled with some sneakers and a button up.  Listening to M.I.A. during a night-time photo shoot, I did what I do best in my clothes: dance.

I also got some awesome new basic nail colors from American Apparel Factory store down the street.  That place is like 7 American Apparels under one roof.
I adore these colors for everyday wear: navy, yellow, and white.


  1. Too cute !!! That skirt is amazing

  2. Nice! Love the outfit, and those sneakers are hot!


  3. Cute cute and more cute. I love the skirt and sneakers. The hair is everything :)

  4. Where did you get those sneakers??

  5. I love it.
    I must say that since you have changed from your signature wash n go to your 'Boticelli curls', your style has ramped up! Loving it.......

  6. So can I say that I absolutley love this look! It's so edgy and effortless...effortlessly edgy. YES! Plus I'm loving the new hair.

  7. I had to pin this look. It's so good!