High-Waist Denim: A Casual Elegance

Donned in American classics, I spent some time at my local Flower Mart over the weekend in search of a few new bouquets

Choices, choices, choices...  3 city blocks of wholesale flowers and plants.  I was there all morning trying to decide. 

At least getting dressed was a cinch.

To beat the morning chill, I threw on my soft, thick fur vest.  One of the most worn pieces I've ever sewn. 
I chose a pale blue oxford shirt tucked tightly into a fun new pair of high-waist denim. 

I thought it would be fitting to have a classic half-up-do hairstyle to coordinate with my high neckline and casual, western but feminine ensemble.

shirt: Zara Man / jeans: American Apparel / belt: Zara Man / heels: Forever21 / vest: Tiny Closet Collection

I love borrowing Theo's cognac hued croc leather belt.  It's regal and classic.  Perfect for high-waist bottoms of any kind. 
And with these new jeans, I swooned over the combo in both texture and color!
I longed for some short cowboy booties but that would've been overkill.  To keep the style fluid but unexpected,
I decided to top off the look with tan leather cage sandals.  One of my faves.

After all that contemplating, I ended up with two cute little plants.  A succulent and some mini cactuses.  They will look adorable on our nightstands!

I am so enjoying my new high-waist jeans.  There's a strong sense of rugged class and elegance to this type of fit
Looking in the mirror and seeing a nicer shape and longer legs, I'm like, 'Hey girl'.

Enjoy your weekend!
psst - new post on Monday so y'all come back now :)


  1. Love the look! Cute plants!

  2. So vintage! Love this!

  3. You're just a doll Natalie! Pretty

  4. High waisted jeans & oxford.....classic! The fur vest is part classic & boho chic.....beautiful combo! Your hair is gorgeous.

  5. I'm loving the high waisted jeans! I'm tempted to try them but I'm already short-waisted.

  6. Great his look

  7. This is seriously my favorite blog. I'm so glad I found you. You look classic and elegant in these pictures but in my opinion you can do no wrong.

  8. Great pictures and you look so classic and elegant in these photos.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  9. You look great in high waisted jeans. Alas, my mommy pouch would be a disaster in those.

  10. You look flawless, quite adorable.

  11. You are such a cutie pie. Representing for us petite ladies. Love this look. Fabulous!!!

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