Welcoming Back Wool

'Tis the season to wear my most favorite fabric!
besides jersey... 

Merino, boiled, boucle, cashmere - whatever blend or make, I love it.

Now that I'm in a mostly sunny environment, I don't own much wool.  In fact, I recently remembered I donated a lot of my wool pieces during a minimalist fit I had last year while organizing my Tiny closet.  smh.  Why did I do that?!  But at least I kept these amazing pants.

Bottega Veneta.  Wool.  Harem.  Enough said.

I usually wear them in very understated fashion.  No one can really see how absolutely luxurious they are but the fit and feel of these pants is incredible nonetheless.   And also, in a world so fierce and flashy these days, I so prefer understated luxury.

top: Sante Alley / pants: Bottega Veneta / shoes: TOMS 

Since it was slightly cooler last Tuesday afternoon during my walk through FIDM campus, I decided to wear my crisp chiffon blouse with tails.

Since the day I received these pants in the mail, I've worn them with plenty of other great items.   And like I said, I usually wear them very dressed down - but here's a look at two of the more fancy ensembles I've created:

Just for the three months of Winter, I think it's worth it to get at least a cute little vintage coat for the season.  So, I'm currently on the hunt!


  1. Love this look. So simple and so chic, the chiffon was the perfect thing to go with these pants. I've had a brief love affair with wool, but maybe it's time to invest in something a little more long-term...

    The Indie Byline

  2. Your skin! You're just glowing =)

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House

  3. you look so beautifully happy in the last picture!