Holiday Party Wear: Part II

Layering again, I decided to warm up a bit - this time in full coverage "Carolina Herrera" style.

More party wear for another party!  T'is the season :)

top: Santee Alley / skirts: Tiny Closet Collection / leggings: Target / shoes: Matiko / necklaces: thrifted

Gold accenting, dark burgundy lips and (again) black.and.white.  I went with a more retro shape but it's still modern with layered necklaces, leggings and an asymmetric heel.

I'm really not fussy and lavish when it comes to dressing for parties.  Accessories are fun but I find I have little tolerance for them.  High-waist belted looks are great for my straight figure but I find I can't relax much.  And heels are just...heels: fabulous but a handicap.  The point is I crave simplicity and comfort in everything I do.  So I always have to have an item of relief in my more "formal" ensembles.  

My cozy cotton leggings made the cinched waist, necklaces and heels easier to live in.

These heels I've had for a while.  A modern thick heel and hidden platform - goes with everything:

one of my first posts - running errands

vintage white dress coat

This high waist skirt I designed as part of my Tiny Closet Collection.  I had it in mind for specifically Summer and Winter seasons.  It's a newer piece but has managed to be quite versatile already:

with my swimsuit

with flats and a cropped top

Cuddling down for Christmas, I wish all of you who are celebrating a merry one!
Happy Holidays!


  1. I looooove that skirt! I can see it being totally versatile. The print is simply amazing and I like that it's black and white. Great look!

    Happy Holidays

    Kinks are the new Pink

  2. Gorgeous! I love the simplicity of black & white for holiday parties. I feel the same way about accessories -- either forgetting them or taking them off. Belts are a necessity for me most of the time, but heels and necklaces -- meh.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  3. I love the skirt the whole ensemble is super chic you can even wear it with a red belt , red tank top and red shoes.

  4. Bravo. Well done. Perfect! The burgundy lips say celebrate!

  5. Beautiful. Simple, glamourous and sexy. You look truly beautiful for the holidays.

  6. I love the black and white with subtle pops of color!