If you don't know, now you know!

Earlier this Summer, I was asked to lead a workshop for Style Blogger's of Color 2nd annual conference.  I was absolutely thrilled!  

Especially since the workshop I will be leading will be discussing in detail the most frequently asked questions on my blog:

"how do you get your photos to look so good?"

"what camera do you use?"

"do I need an expensive camera to get photos that look like yours?"

"what editing software do you use?"

Yes! My workshop will be 
I will be answering all of those questions and also talk about posing for your photos, lighting, angles, tips and tricks and finding your best camera look for effortless shoots each time.

Not gonna' lie, it's gonna' be kind of amazing.  

Haha!  But really, I feel so fortunate and excited for this wonderful opportunity!  Not just because this event is going to be fabulously inspirational and motivating but because I'm going to be able to meet some of my readers!!  And my blogger buddies!! And other bloggers I've been following ever since I started blogging myself!

The reason I am talking about this so early is because if this conference is news to you and you'd like to join in on the amazing workshops and shows and panels, 
and have a little fun in Miami, it's definitely not too late to 
get your tickets here.  

And for a full conference schedule, as well as info on all the panelists, workshop leaders and keynote speakers
it's all detailed here.

So I hope you will be able to join me on October 11th but if not, I will definitely save you the highlights of the event and of course, take some photos of the experience :)


  1. Wow I really wish I could attend this! Oh well cant wait to see some highlights from the events. I hope you can put up some of the details from the workshop for the rest of us who cant attend.
    Dee Of Ms Dee Kay

    1. Yes Dee! After the conference, I will definitely be recapping my workshop with everyone on the blog for sure!

  2. Congratulations! I wish I could attend, but I'm taking a trip and can't budget in tickets and the trip :( But I can't wait to hear the recap and see the photos. This is such an awesome opportunity Natalie, congrats again!

  3. Oh, how awesome! I wish I could go to SBOC this year. Congratulations, Natalie! :D

  4. This is an awesome opportunity and so inspiring!Congratulations!!! I am sure your presentation will be great!!