A Piece of Summer

A couple Winters ago, I talked about turning my Summer dresses into fun, colorful nightgowns for Winter.   I so adore the look of Summer colors and prints in the dead of Winter.  But also...

Reducing the chance of overspending each season on new clothing by repurposing my clothes is a fun challenge
not to mention it's rewarding when I've found another fabulous way to wear something thus giving it longevity in my Tiny Closet.

This Summer however, I didn't buy any new summer dresses but I decided to take a couple of old beach sarongs and make them into pajamas for Fall and Winter.

The first sarong I made into pajama pants.  These pants are a bit more tailored than your average pjs.  With a high waist and darts for my backside, 
I designed pants to be fit for running out for coffee - not just for bedtime.  Still, they're primarily meant for lounging at home.  

Just lounging cutely.

lace bustier: Free People / pants: The Tiny Closet

I made the second sarong into a short kaftan for bed.  

I designed it to be regal and a bit sexy, foolishly having my husband in mind when making it.  When I asked him what he thought, the words "muumuu" and "mom" came up in the same sentence and I realized I was nowhere near to hitting the nail on the head in terms of attracting a male in this thing.  I suppose it's something perhaps only women appreciate. 

Oh well... I love it, so I guess I'll wear it for me!

kaftan: The Tiny Closet / earrings: Cinema 

So these cozy colorful pieces are sure to be a staple in the loungewear section of my wardrobe.  The soft, lightness of the sarong material is perfect for bedtime clothing, it's a shame I didn't buy more sarongs during the summer.  Maybe I will go out and buy one more just because making and wearing them is just so addicting!


  1. Great pants! Love love the print!

  2. I wish I looked that chic when I was just hanging around the house.
    N x

  3. The day you open up shop for "The Tiny Closet," I will be SO IN THERE. -crosses fingers for plus size options-

  4. These pics are so "arty". You look like a professional model.

  5. I love the pants and the kaftan, such great prints!!

    Carsedra McKoy:

  6. love love love the prints and the's a like having a piece of summer all year round.

  7. That Caftan is giving me LIFE!