My Favorite Things

Crop tops and harem pants.  Over the 90 degree weather weekend, I wore them together.

Why didn't I do this sooner??

I repurposed a denim tank dress as a cropped denim tank.  I've had crop-top fever lately and since I hadn't worn this item as a dress in ages anyway, I thought I'd reinvent it before throwing it out for good...I actually think it may have been better as a dress though :-/   What do you think?  

Eh, you repurpose, you learn I suppose. 

crop denim tank: thrift/repurposed / bangles: Philippines / sunnies: RayBan / harem pants: Philippines / wedges: Castaner

These harems however, will never get old.   I swear it!  This is #2 of 6 in my growing collection.  These can actually cover my body as a tube jumper.  But that look really is for the beach I think.  I love the elegant drape they have when worn as pants.  

And they actually pair beautifully with my linen lace up wedges. This is a comfy outfit all in all.  The crop was a bit high so I wore a casual lace bustier type bra underneath.  
You can actually see it peaking  out from under which is kinda fun :)

...In other news, I am FINALLY finished with a wonderful project I've been focusing on as of late.  Can't wait to show you tomorrow the long awaited fruit of my labor.  
It was so fun and I learned a ton so please come visit again tomorrow to check it out!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend :)


  1. It was cute as a dress too, but if you're going to get more wear out of it as a crop top, then I don't think there's anything to mourn :-). Can't wait for this special reveal tomorrow!


  2. Well done. This is chic, elegant and a bit casual at the same time. The drape of the harem sort of fools the eye and looks like a flowy skirt. What fun! Enjoy!

  3. Loving this outfit, really cute!!

    Carsedra of: