Much To Do In a Mini

Tying up loose ends before my *big day, I hurried around all Tuesday morning and afternoon, cleaning, shipping, grocery shopping and getting to the bottom of the latest scenes in Game of Thrones (not Rose!!).   Digging through my leggings box (I so need a dresser) I again, came across my denim cut off mini skirt, 
an item I bought on a careless whim with a large gift card I received in a contest.

So instead of wearing my ritual leggings, hoodie, and Pumas to sprint through my to do list, I decided to girl it up a bit and swap my leggings for this denim mini I am always overlooking.

Oddly enough, I never really know how to dress a denim mini skirt.  I have a knee-jerk reaction with anything revealing or "mini" to downplay, downplay so - 
I guess it was only natural to put this skirt with some running shoes and a modern hoodie. 

So instead of permeating "laundry day" vibes while waiting in line at the post office, I felt cute, sporty and feminine.  Put together, yes?

denim skirt: Paper Denim / hoodie: Asos.com / shoes: Puma

About my big day, *as you probably already know, I frequent the Garment District all. the. time..   I am thankful that I live a glorious short walk away and because of that, the fabric stores are my second home.  So when I was finally offered a job at one of my favorite stores, I took it!

Working in textiles, crafts and sewing, I will now be immersed daily at one of my most favorite places in the universe.  Starting today!  So wish me luck and fun :)

I've got some awesome new projects coming up so keep visiting!!


  1. Yay for your new job! It's within walking distance, working with what you love, and at one of your favorite stores- WINNING!

  2. Awesome, congratulations! I lived there years ago and also worked in the Garment District. This post brings back fond memories! Shout out to the California Mart and 7th Street! LOL

  3. congrats on your new job! that's perfect! I hope it's fun.

  4. Congrats on the new job. Beautiful

  5. You HAVE AMAZING PINS! Get them out more!!!

  6. That's so cool! Congratulations!

  7. YAY!!! How wonderful!! Hope you're having the best time, Chica!!! xo