There's been a lot going on lately as I'm bringing more designs together for Spring.  I took a break from  all the sewing and planning to see a dear friend perform at a Bobby McFerrin concert last night at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  The concert was amazing and truly special because for one, I absolutely adore Bobby McFerrin and two, my friend played drums and sang backgrounds.  Singing backgrounds for Bobby of all people!  I died.

Before our evening stroll to the concert hall, we took some shots of my highly improvised outfit.  Leggings, a waterfall skirt worn to the side and a maxi tee.
Casual with a bit of modern evening formality...  But mainly casual.

My chain-male cuff is a favorite, a RiaRia original and so modern and slinky!  Perfect for casual evenings out.  And of course, my old Zara stilettos with the asymmetrical toe are so much fun to put with all kinds of ensembles.  I wore them with jeans here and also with an LBD here

Definitely, an impromptu outfit I pulled together - but it felt fun and urban for a chill night.

The top was for my own comfort and loungy mannerisms, the heels for the assumed drinks that would follow at a posh bar 
and the waterfall skirt was for the concert since I like to feel like I'm wearing a dress or something that flows.  An improvisation of functional pieces.  Tada.

top: Tiny Closet Collection / leggings: F&F / skirt: Forver21 / heels: Zara / cuff: RiaRia

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  1. i love flowy comfortable tops & you are always so chic! where can i get me a tiny closet collection top?!

  2. i love to see the stuff you sew!but love the ensemble...the skirt was amazing to add!x

  3. anything + the confidence you put on is a winner ;)

  4. Tada is right. If someone told me about this outfit I would say "Whaaaat?". But seeing is believing - lovin it.