Feeling Regal

I have been waiting to wear this coat again.  I was a vintage-shopping maniac over the Summer and one of my stellar finds was this coat.  I debuted it first on my birthday.  It was my special day so I had to wear my new favorite vintage find, of course.  But as it was nearly June, it wasn't really the time for wool.  But now - Now is quite the time.  

Hit it!

On Sunday, I wore this faaaabulous coat as a dress.  It made me feel untouchable!  Now that I look at it, I think it's really the only way to wear it, yes?  I like this ensemble much better than the first time I wore it.  What would you say?

Needing a pick me up Saturday night, I finally got rid of the remaining wedding polish and got back to my usual mani habit.  Purple and yellow are always my go-to.  This time I got frosty with it.  I will update this post as soon as I find out what color I'm actually wearing... Way to drop the ball, I know.

I found this awesome cage ring over the weekend while fluttering through H&M.  I've pretty much always bought my jewelry from Forever21 or H&M.  I'm slowly evolving out of my accessories complex (being the minimalist that I am) but for years, I just never fancied little things clinging to me so I've never been interested in paying more than $15 for rings and bracelets and the like.  But with the fashion jewelry scene really becoming amazingly imaginative and cool, I can't deny issues.  I am starting to plan some investments in various pieces.  Can't wait to share that!

dress coat: vintage from Le Frock / heels: Matiko / oversize ring: H&M

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  1. I loved it!!! You look gorgeous!


  2. Beautiful! I absolutely love your blog.

  3. You are serving it! I found your blog 2 days ago and I've managed to read every post! I also sent you an email today for a blog request! I loveeee your blog the most!

  4. you have to share a tutorial on your hair looovin it! please!!!

  5. You are serving up a whole latta regalness!!!! That coat/dress is the bizness!!

  6. I cannot WAIT to show this pic to my seamstress so she can stitch up a copy of this coat! Gorgeous!