A Dress Fit For Two

My jaw dropped when I saw the pictures of Victoria Beckham's dress she wore to the royal wedding.  
Even if she hadn't been with child, the dress would have still stolen the show, in my opinion.

And of course she wore her own design.  This phenomenal woman, don't even get me started - she has produced, hands down, one of the most attractive, flattering and intuitive woman's clothing lines I've seen since Donna Karen.  Truly, she is incredible and her eye and genuine dedication to her line completely separates her from the just-another-celebrity clothing line category.  A diamond in the rough.  Wow, I wish more people knew the quality and authenticity of her work.  

Anyway, back to the dress - you know me and drape: I luvs it.  And I happened to have a very similar dress in my Tiny Closet to rock my way, stateside :)

This dress I bought at a indie boutique show in Fremont a few years ago.  I dig the slouchy pockets.  It's by Suzabelle and I wear it consistently as it's great for work, dinners and parties.  Simple.  Versatile.  My Tiny Closet likes.

And here I go, here I go, here I go again wearing my JS booties.  Because they are black, stiletto and a boot - so yes,  these bad bitches go with everything.  You wanna see for yourself?  I wear them at least once a week during the Fall and Winter.  Here are some highlighted ensembles I wore them with:  

This Lane Bryant sweater really does go with everything for Fall.  And I'm thankful for that because I still haven't felt in the mood at all whatsoever to wear a coat.  
I don't wanna!  But it's perfect for this type of swing-like knee-length dress.

I will very much enjoy purchasing a Beckham piece in the future (perhaps with matching Louboutins?) but until then, I can definitely wear the heck out of some coincidental look-alikes by wonderful brands like this.  I do love supporting local boutiques.


  1. great outfit and amazing inspiration! And I love the 'oops' photo:)