Looking Forward

New inspirations and ideas have been percolating in my Tiny Closet lately...

I usually don't share my style boards but with the overwhelming amount of ideas and inspiration I've been taking in lately, from magazines to Tumblr to to Karla's Closet to Jak & Jil to, to,'s comin at me from everywhere lately, I had to lay it all out for myself.  And now for you.

#1: Accessories
rad nails, awesome hair, bracelets, and... freckles!  
I want 'em all.

I have NEVER been into "stiletto" nails.  They're fun, yes, yes, and the idea is great.  But since they're made pretty badly and never fit exactly right, they end up looking incredibly cheap.  Just sayin'...  But after seeing them all glam'd up and suuuper bedazzled, I have to say I'm on board.  

I love pictures of big hair as that is what mine will look like in a couple years and that's tremendously exciting for me.  
Also, I love that woman's Tiffany blue nails.  Guh, so cool.  

Lastly, I don't have freckles but with the right art pen, I plan to draw them on my face.  
Don't laugh.  Okay, laugh - but you will want to do it too when you see how amazing they hopefully look on me.

#2: Simple, Long Dresses
deep brilliant colors, natural makeup, dramatic drape 

I'm looking for A/W maxis.  Surprisingly hard to find... In fact, I'm pretty close to going to a maternity store to find the drape that I need.  

Also, I've longed for a dewier natural look in my makeup. The one thing I envy in runway models is their incredible complexion.  They pamper their faces like nothing I've ever seen so I've been taking more time with mine.  I will dedicate a post on this because I've actually become obsessed with having a clean, bright face.  It really does a lot.

#3: Colors & Textures
mixed geo prints, woven textiles, bright smoking shoes

My feet are wide and flat.  Aren't you jealous?  Yeah, I know.  Years ago, when flats became the new epidemic, it was hard to join in on the fun.  In general flats are just not a flattering shoe for flat, wide feet.  That was until the smoking shoe came into the spotlight.  They're so much hipper and most importantly, they make my feet look handsome and elegant and not like I just got off a 20 hour plane ride.

I've also been into humungous thick scarves, woodsy felted ponchos and zany tribal/geo patterns on dresses and pants.

Whew!  So we'll see if this all pans out.  Oh and before I sign out, I've always crushed on artsy, tattooed, bad boy punks.  Always.  Maybe because I just envied their style.  But I guess I've always loved bold, unapologetic fashion.   And attitude :)

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  1. Love the big hair & tribal prints. If only, I was able to get my hair like that...