Safari Accenting

During my business trip in Las Vegas, Micato Safaris was showcasing their luxury African travel services and excursions, as well as their "One For One Commitment" sponsorship for child education in Africa.  When asked if I could send a video message to the Micato children, I felt so humbled and grateful to speak.  I was also delighted to receive a set of bangles handmade by Maasai women who  make them as a livelihood through Micato.

As soon as I put them on (which I did immediately and also wore them with my gala gown that night) I knew they would make a great contrast with some of my more muted and dark Fall clothing.  Breaking them out on Tuesday, I was even inspired to wear a bright purple tank to further tie in the colors.

I love this leather jacket from Ever however, it hits me at the widest part of my body.  That's the worse.  But it's still so fun to wear, I can't let it go.  So instead of pouting, I realized that to keep my shape around the middle, any bottoms I wear would need to be fitted and high waisted.  Cue my very trusty high-waist, wide leg trousers.  Found them randomly in a Victoria's Secret catalogue years ago and bought them on the spot.  I have to admit they are uncomfortable (ugh!) buuuuut for my athletic build, these babies work every time in giving my straight waist a little cinch.

And like Tiny Closet style, I have worn this all before... Check out the ways:
pants: Victoria's Secret worn more professionally
jacket: Ever worn with a maxi 
wedges: Trouve worn with harem pants

Enjoy the weekend!!


  1. Cute outfit. Do you have more info about the bracelets?? Is there a website to pass the word out to help??

  2. Love your style and your blog new follower!!!