...And Comfy Cozy Are We

The air is getting nippier and I can no longer hold my breath.  Yesterday I grabbed my new thrift find out of the back of my lil closet and whispered "the time is now!"

During one of my thrifting trips back in July, I picked up a beautiful cocoon-like sweater.  A size 18-20 originally from Lane Bryant (I always loved that store but) is now a perfect, draped fit on me.

With my Bottega Veneta wool harems, Raybans and Trouve wedges I welcome Fall in a new ensemble favorite.

And what a perfect outfit, full of signature Tiny Closet favorites to wear to celebrate my 100th blog post!!
One hundred outfits worn, one hundred musings shared with you and I look forward to a hundred more!

Thanks so much for visiting :)


  1. Congratulations on your 100th blog post! You are so fab! You have no idea how happy I am that I came across your blog. You've inspired me to share my Outfit Of The Day videos on YouTube and write about them on my blog. So thanks so much!

    BTW I am IN LOVE with your oversized sweaters! I know your other one is from Value Village. I don't think we have one of those here in MI, so I'd have to see what our Lane Bryant has in store (pun intended). It's TDF!

    Here's to 100 more beautiful and inspiring 'fits!

    1. Thank you CharJay!!! Here's to loving clothes!! LOL I'm so so happy you find my content inspiring, I'm definitely going to check out your videos! So cool. I'm sure Lane Bryant will have a great collection of sweaters to choose from this time of year! Happy shopping and thanks so much for visiting!!

  2. Congrats on getting to 100! I discovered your blog awhile ago and LOVE it!!! The way you put outfits together is fabulous! Plus I'm digging the hair, seems to pull everything together ;-)

  3. KUDOS!!! 100TH blog post!! Rock on!! Love the sweater, it looks so comfy

  4. Very cute outfit! I have the same Trouvé shoes...absolutely love them! Following your blog cause its so darn cute! Feel free to check mine out!