My Fashionable? Life

I live in a very industrial part of town.  And no, it's not the romantic, bustling garment district part of town.  It's more like a trains, planes and automobiles, industrial area part of town.  There's no clicking of high heels across the street  (more like the clicking of biker gang boots on the pavement) and the only men wearing "ascots" are train conductors.

The bars are full of beards and leather jackets, the girls are badasses and at night, the streets are alive with heavy metal music playing from the band rehearsal studios.  

And then there's me...Tweeting.
Yes, fashion doesn't seem to surround me like oh, Paris or Milan... but I was never one for matchy matchy.  And while I've tried to avoid showing the severe juxtaposition of me and my surroundings in the past, this place is pretty frickin fun and quirky just as it is.

Like this taco bus on the side of the road! 
The place used to be a junk yard... and maybe still is?  The only difference is some people put an incredibly lucrative restaurant, El Asadero inside of a broke down bus and now cook food fit for gods everyday.  

Needless to say I'm a customer.  And I get the torta.  And two steak tacos. 

jeggings: / turban: Zara scarf / sandals: Dumond

BT-dubs, I wore these jeggings quite recently here, the leopard scarf was best worn  here and my top I wore for the first time here.  Such is the Tiny Closet way :)

And I never mention just how funny it is taking photos.  Though people are extremely courteous not to interrupt our guerilla style shooting) I am looked at like I have three heads most of the time.

It's called a turban.  And it's leopard.  Get one. 


  1. Teach me how to turban, teach me teach me how to turban!

  2. Yes please! How about the next post is a turban tutorial for office girls????? hehe

  3. Truly fierce!! I love it. You have a way of bring style & feminine elegance wherever you are. AMAZING.

  4. Giiiirrrllll - let me see if I have this right - you can throw down with the best of us – food looks so frickin good; look fantastic, have an amazing man, AND complexion? It's just not fare! ;)

  5. Yet another shoe you can feel free to ship me when you're tired of it ;-). I really love this shoot, Nat. Your style against this kind of funky, industrial area backdrop makes for really interesting photos. Love it.