Back To School

Yeah, I don't go to school - I more pay bills for having already gone to one years back.  But with all this "Back To School" fever swarming around me, though I am exempt from the academic herd, I can't help but feel the approaching formality of Fall.  And Fall is my most favoritest time of year :)

And no, I wasn't the nerd that longed for school all Summer long, I was the lone-fashion-obsessed-Northwesterner that longed for Fall wear all Summer long.  I guess things really do get better with age because even though I've been out of school for years, I know now that I had been channeling something that I was completely unaware of at the time: September is the dawn of Fall, a more conscious image, sharper looks - oh and Fashion Month :)

So I waited for the sun (and heat) to go down to romp around in this late Summer, early Fall ensemble:
 I wore these wide leg Habitual denims here.  The dress overcoat thrifted from Value Village actually inspired this Autumn outfit but I left it unbuttoned for a more retro vibe.  I have worn it already a number of times since I got it.  A good sign for my Tiny Closet :) My Seychelles sandals are suede and clunky so they transition beautifully into early Fall and look quite handsome under floor-brimming pants.
 asymmetric tee: AllSaints / overcoat: Semantiks (Value Village) / belt: Forever21 / sandals: Seychelles / earrings: thrifted
So I satisfied my urge (for now) to wear a bit more clothing, with more varying textures while I am quietly preparing for my time to shine Fall... And for those of you who will be returning to school, may I advise a look similar to this one?  I was so comfy!  And a thick belt and tailored overcoat really do look studious and becoming without making you look like you tried.  If anything, they're better than pajamas.  You know who you are!

Hooray for Fall!!!  

Yeah, yeah I'm a party pooper, I know...

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