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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Introducing: ShoeMint

                                                                         click this link to go to: ShoeMint

I looove!  This blog is a daily read of mine that I highly recommend for fashionistas looking for up to the minute updates on everything style and fashion.  And this post I had to forward on since Rachel Bilson is a fabulous stylist herself and is now designing shoes with Steve Madden!

Mainly, I'm excited because so far I've seen a few wedges and I adore wedges!  Pre-register to get the first sneak preview on November 25th!!  I already have :)

And if you're as excited as I am, 
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  1. I wonder what her shoes will look like.

  2. BOTH the shoes featured in that article are to die for (I almost bought a black pair similar to the biege pair with the straps just today!) and I LOVE LOVE the shoes she has on. Not to mention I just love Rachel Billson in general (thats a whole lot of love huh? haha) Can't wait to see what her collection is like and thank so much for sharing.

    Anna xo