Morning Indoors

I've been hibernating but also busy preparing for Spring.  I am doing my cleaning, clear-out early this year.   And since I've been in a domestic way, I find myself designing around that lifestyle.  Simple, effortless, bedroom leisure wear is my steez and inspiration.  Come to think of it, all of my designs originate in the bedroom.   
Would I feel comfortable wearing this in bed?  That is always the question I ask myself.  It finally dawned on me to just start making myself bedroom wear.
I think what inspires me about what people wear at home and to bed is that it's often overlooked but nonetheless, everyone tends to have a preference of what they want to wear indoors.  A definitive style. I have been experimenting what mine is.  What is The Tiny Closet style for bedroom leisure?
Anyway, while I've been clearing out my design room, it also dawned on me that I should share this journey.  All my samples, my experiments with how to feel comfy in clothing has actually built up quite a bit!

The Tiny Closet Shop is now in fact, open to sell some of these sample pieces (along with older season pieces) and over the next couple weeks, I'll be show-and-telling (and selling!) some fun items that I had loads of fun making.
Pssst!  This orange velvet robe is one of the items available!  So head on over and take a peak at my fancies and what I collected off the cutting room floor to send off to you!

And stay tuned as I prepare for Spring!
Eeee!  Are you as excited as I am??


  1. very sensual pj

  2. I love these shorts! I need to do spring cleaning as well.