Beach Stripes

Oddly enough, this "cheery" railroad print dress goes well with gloomy weather.  Maybe because of the shabby shade of blue in the striping...  

I brought it along on my trip through the tropics as a chic, one piece perfect for sunny days.  Whell!  I could count the number of sunny days on one hand in the month I was traveling sooooooo I was very pleased that this roomy dress still looked pretty effortless against the stormy grey backdrop.
I started using DevaCurl products even during my relaxer days and to this day - over 10 years later, it is still the best product for my hair.  Across the board.  Wow.
  As you may already know, I'd been pretty enthusiastic about Camille Rose Naturals, which is a truly beautiful brand and independently female, black owned (yeah baby!)  I will continue to support her until the stars recede and the planet turns cold!  But boy.  The containers are teensy!  Doesn't she know this type-4 girls needs a handful and a half of condish a day??  I go through Camille Rose Naturals conditioners in less than a month, which is obviously unacceptable - especially since her conditioners are near $20.

As far as volume goes, DevaCurl has had my curls poppin and lockin and the conditioner comes in a 32oz. bottle so end of discussion.

Man guys, I have been sick for almost 2 weeks now and it doesn't seem to be going away.  Guuuh.  I have been rallying for days!  Wishing you an effortless Monday.


  1. Hi Natalie. I love your easy, minimalist style. Have you tried some pho to help you feel better? Please keep the travel photos coming. Is it possible that the next dress in your shop will be easy, breezy and inspired by your trips? (cough, cough...hint,hint, smile)

  2. Love this dress! One please ... :) Hang in there and feel better soon.