Winter Formal

Of all the seasons, I think Winter is most formal.  The holidays, the fancy parties, the late candlelit dinners with friends and family.  Because of that, it's the only time I feel comfortable - inspired even - to dress more formal.

And this skirt is one of the most formal items I own.  Plus it's just stunning, extravagant and beautifully made.  I didn't mean to make this an all-black ensemble, it just came together that way.  Now that I think about it though, I can't really imagine it done differently...

I picked up these boots a while ago but it wasn't until after the holidays that I've started sporting them everywhere.  Months ago, Theo made a comment that I used to wear heels more often...  Whether it was a hint or not, I took it as one.

Ah, but there is a reason why we do things.  It's the beginning of the year and I'm already moving forward on my two resolutions - one of them being to feel sexier.  This will be fun to explore, specifically because "sexy" has never been a word I use to describe myself or the way I feel.  Ever.  Sooooo I'd like to see where that goes.  One way I feel sexy is when my husband thinks I'm sexy and that's usually when I'm wearing heels.  So I got heels.

But I got heels that I could actually operate life in.  Thick, city-gripping, leather boot heels.  
Everybody wins!

I so love starting fresh, turning over a new leaf, beginning again - but this new year feels more magical than usual.  I find myself leaping into 2016 with surprising enthusiasm.  More like being catapulted.  Maybe it's the heels :)  

 A blissful, extraordinary, wondrous, happy new year to you!

xo -- Nat


  1. So MATRIX! I'm digging it all! Happy head over heels 2016 to you and yours!

  2. You are giving me life! very nice!

  3. I feel like I just found my spirit animal! I've been looking for inspiration for not just style but womanhood in general and something about your blog and spirit just makes me seeing.. So excited I found you!!!! Time to go dig in the archives lol

    1. Thank you!!! And welcome :) So happy you could be inspired here! Please enjoy and hope to see you back soon! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  4. So if you see someone masquerading as your've been warned. Love this look!

    1. LOL - glad you like the look, Andrea! You'll look fabulous!