Little Touches

Ever since I moved to Southern California and started exploring the amazing Southwest, I've grown a strong admiration for the style, the lifestyle, the colors and the vibe that is all around me.  Side affects of this admiration however, include a consistent urge to dress like a cowboy or some bohemian desert mama.  Which isn't all that fluid and natural looking when all said and done.  So because I have a tendency to get very "themey" when I let my obsessions dress me, I've made a rule to just add splashes of my current inspirations to my daily style, rather then tip the whole bucket over my head and wear everything all at once.

My home-base style is modern minimalism and on a daily basis, I am versed in working mainly with whites, blacks and heather grays.  But when I think of the Southwest, a plethora of colors and textures and back drops swirl around in my mind and I want to abandon everything about my personal style.  

But my personal style exists for a clear reason.  So instead of abandoning it for a crush, I think it's more fun to just incorporate the two.

With lots of turquoise to play with and a big silver cuff, I've taken to accessorizing my inspirations all around my structured, oversize button up and midi leather skirt.  The skirt could certainly have been a tan suede piece but black is more me so I tweaked the leather idea. Atypical mixing indeed and so fun to wear!

These Western style cowboy booties are incredibly cool and make me feel a little bad (like Michael Jackson bad) when I wear them with ripped jeans and leather.  They also greatly enhance the style of a Fall boot.  It seems like the same Fall boot design is running around on everyone's feet this season and these definitely don't fit the mold.

This top is a new go-to as I crafted several for myself from big and tall men's button ups.  You can check this one out in another post where I wore it with chartreuse culotte-type pants here.  And a different one with jeans and flats here.

 I'm gearing up for the holidays this year, and instead of letting it trample over me, leaving me in disarray on January 1st, I want to minimize the bigness, the pomp and circumstance of it all and just add "little touches" of the holiday to my life.  I'll be showing this over the next few weeks and I'm excited about it so keep visiting!

Oh and tomorrow marks the beginning of December!
Happy Holidays :)


  1. The great thing about borrowing small pieces of that southwestern style is that you can travel with it. Brilliant idea.

  2. I like the idea of adding accessories to incorporate a different style other than my own. Definitely gives me a new perspective. Thanks, Natalie.

  3. Sharp. That jewelry mix is just right and the boots a good complement. I usually overdo it myself, so these looks were right on time.

  4. Gorgeous...haircut, skirt, boots, accessories!