Simplicity of The One Piece

I love a well-fitted, cozy but chic one piece.  Or at least I thought I did before I bought my first one.  And now I do!

I used to think I could find what I was looking for in a one piece in a dress - but after 30 some odd years of clothes wearing, I realize I'm just not an everyday dress kinda' gal.  Dresses are wonderful for those occasions that call for them buuuuuut, 
I want to feel just as feminine and classy on those majority of days that don't necessarily call for one.

So I finally decided to get a one piece.  
Thought that would do the trick.  And it did!

The thing about a one piece or jumpsuit or I think Europeans call it a "playsuit" (heehee!  You should've seen Theo's face when I said I bought a playsuit, haha) is that it's an all-in-one look.  Just like a dress but you don't have to sit all proper like with your legs closed.  Not that that's an issue for me.  Okay fine, it is.

But what I mean is, just pop it on and the look is set.  I lead such a casual lifestyle the majority of the week that I love finding extremely simple and quick styles that pack the biggest punch in statement and/or fashion.  Put it on and you're set.  

For this post, I just decided to layer my jumpsuit minimally with my favorite mens button up.  This particular one piece is very simple; streamlined for lots of styling options.  I also paired it with my new favorite Fall suede heels!

After sharing these heels on my Instagram (sigh, I love you ladies so much and your creative, inspiring style!) y'all told me to keep em' so I did.  I love them.  Thank you!

button up: Faconable / one piece: Asos / heels: Ivanka Trump (bought at Amazon)

I plan to get a few more jumpsuits in the future throughout the new year but for now, this starter one piece will give me something to do with my accessories and something chic and comfortable to wear during my Christmas shopping :)

Happy December!!


  1. Jumpsuits are the new Playsuits, and the One Piece is the new Dress. It's all quite lovely.

  2. Loving this!! So effortlessly stylish.

  3. Love the look! In Europe we also call this a jumpsuit. A playsuit is actually a shorter version that comes above the knee.

    1. Ohhh, I see! Haha, thanks for clarifying, Abby. I still think it's funny (hee hee!) Do Europeans think it's humorous too? And if playsuit is a short jumpsuit what is a romper or jumper??

    2. Well I think its funny!lol Romper or jumper is the same in Europe.
      I think it also depends in what country you live.I live in the netherlands so we can also use dutch words.