What to Wear Out West

As September comes to a close, I tend to look back on Summer like it was a dream.  Especially this Summer.  

I've been wrapped up in the West Coast and everything about it.  Here I was convinced I was a misplaced East Coast lady but after this Summer, the West has my heart entirely.  The deserts, the beaches, all the mountains (not to mention the best Mexican food in the U.S.) to the ponchos, the prairie skirts and the coolest boots this side of the Mississippi - the ensemble below is one of my favorite outfits yet.  Perfect for any ol' day out West.

If you've been following me for any amount of time, you'll recognize this skirt (actually a dress folded down).  I have worn this every way possible, through every season, in tons of styles.  It was a thoughtful splurge I made a few years ago in preparation to vacation in the Philippines for the Winter.  Since then, it's been a constant surprise in versatility with the rest of the gems in my Tiny Closet.

Also, my dance style top is a dress as well. I do this a lot actually.  Having a Tiny Closet usually means utilizing your pieces in more ways than one.  Skirts as shirts, dresses as skirts, etc...  If done seamlessly, the alternative looks are natural and not to mention, comfy to wear!

Now the hat: I did exercise some frivolity while in the traveling mood.  The same liberty I took when, coincidentally in the Philippines when I bought a big glam sun hat for the beach.  Perhaps it's going to be a habit because I do plan on getting another hat for this A/W (ooo, I can't wait!).

I don't wear them much, but when I do, it's definitely with thought and design since they're an integral accessory for some of my outfits.

  hat: Santee Alley / top (normally a dress): American Apparel / skirt (normally a dress): All Saints / boots: Buffalo Exchange

So with the days very suddenly much cooler now, I am finally closing the chapter of Summer.

Moving on to October and the rest of Fall, you can get ready to see some newer looks and experimentations from my magical closet!  

And I want your input!

Have an idea for an ensemble or style you're dying to try but afraid it won't work?  
Got a new piece you love but can't seem to rock it with anything in your closet??  
Maybe I can help :)  

From my Tiny Closet to yours, this season, I'd love to hear some requests of what you'd like to see me style/wear/coordinate.  Let me be your guinea pig!  

If anything, maybe it'll give you some new ideas where you may be feeling stagnant or bored.  Let me know!

See ya back here next week!


  1. Great outfit and I love the new site!

  2. Dress on dress? HAUTE dog! How the WEST was won!!!

  3. BRUHHH. I have received life. You look like a modern day cowgirl! LOVE it.


    Thy Bliss Calls

  4. You're already my guinea pig! I wore heavily patterns shirts this summer with a crop top and wore a tube skirt as a shirt. You got me covered. :-)