NYC New York Color: Review!

With all my talk lately about color and new beauty finds, it may come as no surprise my first review of my favorite accessory...

bold lip color!

I was so excited to be apart of NYC New York Color's hot new lip shade reviews and even more excited to share with you all the fabulous lip colors they sent me.  
Check out what we got from the Expert Last line:

From left to right: Traffic Jam / Coralista / Forever Fuchsia
...and they even threw in a mega fat mascara to try :)

First my favorite, "Forever Fuchsia" it's really pigmented, which is crucial when it comes to bold lip color.  Can't be watered down so I loved that.  And even though this particular shade is a bit too purple for my taste, I just adore the cooler shades of pinks and fuchsias as it tends to make me look tan and bronzy.  
Because of that, it's perfect for new Summer time looks!  

A close second fave of mine is this orange/coral frosty lip color, "Coralista".  Truthfully, I wish it was bolder.  Unlike "Forever Fuchsia", this is a very thin shade and I had to layer my lips like 6 times to get this pigment that you see.  But actually, I think it was worth it because... 

it's gorgeous.  

Absolutely beautiful.  It's classy but "now" looking, you know?  The orange has pink and gold in it, which plays to my skin tone and the season and is totally sexy.  And though the color can look understated, it's really a knock out for day and for night.  *sigh* - I love it.

And last, my go-to classic - red.  And I feel like every one of us has a go-to red lippy so I wasn't too interested in learning about a new one... but this red is slightly different: "Traffic Jam".  It's warmer than my usual reds and saucy because it has orange in it!  Another perfect shade for Summer time by the pool, salsa dancing with the girls or an ol' fashion date night.  Red always wins the race- any shade of red, and this shade is a keeper!

Next we have....City Proof Twistables

City Proof Twistables Line: Ballroom Blush / Fulton St. Fuchsia

These are labeled as "Intense Lip Color" but I found that only one of them was only sort of intense.  The other was frankly, the exact opposite.  Not intense at all - more like a lip balm!  To give them both a little oomph, I swiped on the super creamy color and topped it off with a clear lip gloss.  Initially, these shades are pretty faint and kinda' blah but a dab of dewy clear gloss makes the colors pop a bit and my lips look dainty, plump and fresh.  

Great for work, post workout errands when my hot yoga class has drained all the color out of my face and everyday-wear-with-anything days.

My favorite of the two that were sent is "Ballroom Blush" (pictured above) this raspberry color is the perfect berry and will transition nicely into Fall when I wear more jewel tones! 

I'm wearing two completely different colors.... can you tell the difference between the photo above and the photo below? 

I can't either....

"The Fulton St. Fuchsia" (below) was very similar to a lip balm instead of a lipstick and I had to coat my lips several times just to get a good color going.  Afterward, it looked identical to "Ballroom Blush"!  Huh.

One big thing:
All NYC New York Colors are suuuuper creamy feeling.  Mmmm, I loved how soft and moisturized my lips feel with this stuff!  That doesn't tend to happen with heavily pigmented lipsticks.  I wore all of them throughout the past few days and found a moment for each of them to shine.

And now you can too!
NYC New York Colors is hosting a giveaway on beauty and style blogs, including The Tiny Closet and they'll be picking lots of winners!

To enter, just click the link below to possibly win all the products featured in one of the 5 Uptown Looks from Walmart.


  1. Coralista is perfect against your skin tone, especially with the blue blouse you have on. Coral and blue are complementary colors that always catch my eye.

    1. Thank you! I so love the Coralista and I thought it'd be posh to put it with a navy blue. Kind of a resort-like color combo! Glad you liked the duo, thanks!

  2. Love these shades! It can be difficult to find the right shade of pink!

    1. so true! I'm so happy I could get a chance to try so many shades - New York Color has some great shades to play with!

  3. I tried to pick a shade I liked the most .... I just couldn't do it lol They all look beautiful on you.

    Maggie A

    1. Aw, thanks Maggie! I loved all of these shades. Brilliant for Summer. But now I'm excited to try such hot colors for Winter - that'll be pretty interesting!

  4. I only wear so called natural lipstick like Pure brand and others that have no animal testing and even then, only rarely, but I love the first color (fuchsia) on YOU. Gorgeous!

    1. Admirable. I love a natural lip though! But my obsession with fuchsia must be satisfied LOL - Thank you!!

  5. the orange (coral) and raspberry colors - I really like.

  6. So pretty!

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House